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Oh, don't I know how much harder each<a href=“”> laniveg</a> becomes. DPR and I have no date set to see each other but know we can't possibly go the three months it will be before I am settled into the little house I've rented two miles away from her. In July there will never be anymore<a href=“”> laniveg</a>s and I hold onto that thought as tightly as I can. Our circumstances are different, of course, and moving for me was the clear decision. I ache that you both must endure the<a href=“”> laniveg</a>s but happy that you have some together time in the process. 1))I'm happy for both of you. Yes, the situation Roxy and I are in is different and we work hard to make it as easy on each other as possible. The rewards are wonderful and the promise of years and years and decades of loving each other is so good.

1) (hugs
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